About RUF Automobile

Founded in 1939 in Pfaffenhausen, Bavaria, RUF Automobile GmbH is officially recognised as an automobile manufacturer by the German government and every unique RUF built car has a VIN starting with 'W09'.


In 1975, the first RUF-enhanced Porsche came to life and in 1987 the record-breaking Yellowbird exploded on to the automotive scene. Since then RUF Automobile has been designing, engineering, and building its own specialist sports cars for customers around the world including the current breathtaking range today which features the CTR3, RTR, RGT, Targa Florio, CTR 2017 and the latest SCR 2018


RUF also has a long-established, top-class reputation for restoring and maintaining classic Porsche cars.


RUF - 'There are no limits'  #rufgekuhlt #rufgekuhltuk 

Current Models

Sports cars are not necessarily a compromise and RUF build cars that combine maximum performance, everyday practicality and individuality to create the ultimate performance vehicles.


4.2 Litres of naturally-aspirated 525 hp with an aggressive stance that first made an appearance in 2000.


Twin-Turbocharged 3.8 litre, flat-six with either 650 hp or 800hp power options in both narrow and wide-body styles


A dynamic, powerful but practical sports car producing 420 hp from a 3.8 litre, flat-six in Coupe or Roadster form.


'Old and Young Timer'

Introducing our RUF sports car programmes - 'Old Timer' and 'Young Timer'.


 With a complete technical and visual overhaul, your car can have the charm of a unique RUF sports car. We provide Aerodynamic, Chassis and Technical improvements coupled with powerful engines in order to enhance the performance of your classic and modern-classic car to a new level without compromising its original DNA.


Individuality, Drivability, Durability and Reliability - that's RUF.


Individual customer projects - 'Kundenprojekte'


 In addition to our own RUF line-up, we can produce to your individual needs and desires. Our bespoke custom service means that the most diverse ideas can be combined.


Your imagination is our blueprint.