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Carbon Tub, 30th Anniversary Celebration of the 'Yellowbird'

At the 87th Geneva Motor Show, we presented the first member of a completely redesigned high-tech generation: the RUF CTR Anniversary. For the first time, the superior two-seater is based on a carbon fiber monocoque completely developed by RUF; its type abbreviation CTR is reminiscent of the legendary “Yellowbird”, the first RUF biturbo coupé, which thirty years ago astonished the world of super sports cars.


“The first automobile that was completely conceived and manufactured by us marks a very special chapter in our company's history. His 30th birthday presentation of the celebrated Yellowbird is exactly the right moment. " Alois Ruf


With a carbon fiber monocoque completely designed and manufactured by RUF, the CTR is a tribute to the legendary “Yellow Bird”, the first RUF biturbo coupé that amazed the world of super sports cars 30 years ago. Uncompromising aerodynamic efficiency thanks to the development of the shape in the wind tunnel. The aerodynamic silhouette, the narrow body, as if crouched under the wind, the rear air intakes and even the instrumentation are a grandiose reflection of the first draft. With one difference: the streamlined body of the CTR Anniversary is made of neither sheet steel nor aluminum, but the Formula 1 material carbon fiber. The footprint of the CTR Anniversary corresponds to the high-performance concept: Forged aluminum rims in 19-inch format have 245/35 ZR 19 tires on the front wheels and 305/30 ZR 19 tires on the drive axle.

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Powerful, tried and tested, but completely up to date

The technical perfection of the CTR Anniversary can already be seen in the carbon fiber body. For the first time, the load-bearing chassis element underneath is a carbon fiber monocoque completely developed and manufactured by RUF. The axle carrier and crash structure of the front end are made of high-strength steel tubes, which, like the integrated safety cage of the CTR Anniversary, optimally protect the occupants thanks to their extremely stable structure.

A similar construction made of steel tubes and light metal beams milled from solid material accommodates the drive train in the rear. The high safety reserves of the super sports car do not go hand in hand with additional weight thanks to the know-how that has grown at RUF over decades: The CTR Anniversary weighs only 1250 kilograms dry.


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Please note - the limited production of the NEW CTR ANNIVERSARY is now SOLD OUT globally. However, occasionally a current owner may be looking to sell their vehicle off market so please get in touch.


OFFICE: 0044 (0) 1892 506 911
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