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 Finished in Black with a White Leather interior this left hand drive 1986 Porsche 930 Turbo SlantnoseThe Porsche 930, also known as the Porsche 911 Turbo, is a sports car that was produced from 1974 to 1989. When it was introduced, the 911 Turbo was already the fastest series-produced car in Germany. RUF then modified it into a super sports car to become a BTR III conversion. The BTR is the first RUF mono-turbo engine with a Motronic Engine management system. The customer opted for a BTR conversion (B = Group B, T = Turbo, R = RUF).

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 The basics of the RUF BTR start with the engine, which had the original partially-finned cylinder barrels replaced by those with air-cooling fins around their complete diameter. The bore was increased giving a new displacement of 3.4 litres from the original 3.3 litres. RUF added unique Mahle Pistons plus connecting rods and 935 type camshafts. The intake manifold was replaced, as was the exhaust, A larger KKK K27 unit replaced the turbo, and a larger free-flowing intercooler was added along with the installation of a larger oil cooler behind the RUF front spoiler. 

RUF also went to great lengths to modify the standard Porsche 930 4-speed transmission by adding a 5th gear with the help of Getrag. Next, the shift linkage was improved, becoming both lighter and more positive than the stock unit. The cars were lowered and the suspension was stiffened, RUF also fitted their single-piece forged alloy wheels, sized 9x17 and 10x17. 

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Thought to be 1 of only three 930 Turbo Flachbaus ever to have been through the genuine RUF conversion process having an estimated new-build value of £250,000.

With only 58356 kms showing on the odometer this stunning RUF Porsche 930 Flachbau is presented in fantastic condition inside, outside and under the hood with its driver's handbooks and relevant paperwork in place.

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  • Genuine RUF BTR Conversion

  • RUF 4-pipe exhaust

  • RUF BTR 408 BHP engine conversion

  • RUF Power Gauge

  • RUF 5-speed gearbox

  • RUF BTR engine conversion

  • RUF Suspension

  • RUF Brake Calipers

  • RUF Black Dials

  • Electric Mirror Passenger-Side

  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

  • Comprehensive Service History

  • Low-rise front end with pop-up headlights

  • RUF front apron

  • RUF 4-pipe sports exhaust system

  • RUF Instruments

  • RUF 17" Speedline Rims

  • RUF sports steering Wheel

  • Sports Seats driver and Passenger side, with Seat Heating & Electric Height Adjustment

  • Sunroof

  • Rear Wiper


A true 1980's poster-girl combining outstanding looks with ballistic performance this RUF-converted Flatnose is easily a match for any modern day supercar.

This car would make a solid investment and a unique addition for even the most discerning of collectors.

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This vehicle is currently for sale with RUF Automobile GmBh Germany. FOR MORE DETAILS, ENQUIRIES AND VIEWINGS please contact us below.

OFFICE: 0044 (0) 1892 506 911
MARK: 0044 (0) 7894 501 457
RICHARD: 0044 (0) 7809 890 969

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