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Finished in the stunning and extremely rare Turquoise Pearl with a Black Leather interior this left-hand drive Porsche 993 Turbo was first built in October 1995 and supplied new from Porsche Stuttgart in Germany. It was well optioned from new, especially considering the rare paint finish.

In 1998 the Turbo R was delivered to RUF GmbH HQ in Pfaffenhausen to undergo its RUF Turbo R conversion, giving the car a final BHP output of 520 BHP. After the full conversion by the factory, the car travelled to the UK and was handled by 'RUF GB' - originally RUF in the United Kingdom back in the 1990's and early 2000's, where it was registered and supplied to its first UK owner. In 2004 it was sold to the current and only the second owner of this beautiful example!


This car underwent engine upgrades while at RUF GmbH. The engine and drivetrain were converted to full Turbo R spec. The suspension was uprated with a height adjustable GT2 suspension kit fitted in 1999 by RUF GB.

The official upgrade includes a RUF GmbH re-programmed ECU, upgraded KKK turbos, a full RUF sports exhaust and new re-profiled camshafts but also included a full overhaul of the cylinder heads and an RS spec flywheel (rather than the standard dual mass item).

Other than sitting approximately 30mm lower than standard and sitting on signature 18" RUF five spoke design wheels, you'd be forgiven for thinking the car was almost a standard 993 Turbo. Until fired up that is - a quick twist of the key brings a glorious sound booming from the tailpipes.

Showing 53,000 miles on the odometer and presented in excellent condition inside, outside and under the hood with its driver's handbooks and relevant paperwork in place plus a stack (and when we say that we are not exaggerating!) of original bills, receipts and invoices, this example is a real credit to its previous owners.


Around town other than the firmer ride you could be driving a standard 993 Turbo. The engine doesn't complain at low speeds and even at low off-boost speeds it's a nippy car, (hardly surprising when at just under 3000rpm the engine kicks out the same power as a 3.2 Carrera pumps out at full whack).

Get out of town and ease your foot down a few millimetres further and by the time you approach 4000rpm the turbos are starting to make their presence known and you already have 520bhp at your disposal. There is no turbo lag as such. The power delivery of the twin turbos is unlike the brutal on/off boost transition exhibited itself in previous generations of modified single turbo 911s. In fact the power simply builds up rather like an extremely torquey normally aspirated engine.

Keep your right foot planted over 4000rpm and the car changes from a merely fast car to very rapid beast indeed. The effect of 535 lb-ft of torque pushing you forward feels like the car is teleporting you to a spot on the distant horizon - very, very, quickly!

20210818_untitled shoot6788.jpg


  • Genuine RUF Turbo R Conversion

  • Left Hand Drive Porsche Stuttgart Supplied when New (C00)

  • 2 UK Owners

  • Painted from new in 'Turquoise Pearl' (25D)

  • Porsche Soft Black Leather interior 

  • RUF Sports exhaust

  • RUF Turbo R 520 BHP engine conversion

  • RUF 6-speed gearbox

  • RUF GT2 Suspension Kit

  • RUF 18" 5 Spoke Lightweight Alloy Wheels

  • Porsche Electric Sports Seats

  • Driver and Passenger Airbags

  • Air Conditioning

  • Electric Sunroof

  • Electric Mirrors Driver and Passenger-Side

  • Extremely Comprehensive Service History

  • Cherished Plate 'C2 NOG' Included with the car

  • Serviced by RUF GB from 1998 -2004

  • Serviced by Porsche Centre Mid-Sussex from 2004-2023

  • Latest Service and MOT in September 2023 by Porsche Centre Mid-Sussex (UK)

  • Letter of Authenticity from RUF Automobile GmbH

  • Click here for full image gallery plus video


"I don't think you really need to ask me if I'm a big fan of this car. It distills all I think is great about 911s, into one extremely rapid and very practical package. I'm fortunate in my line of work to have driven some exceedingly desirable Porsche flavoured products, yet when asked to pick a favourite the 993 Ruf Turbo R is always in my line up. 

With performance even outclassing the legendary 959 this may possibly be the ultimate last generation air-cooled 911"

Pistonheads (Alex Sharp - UK)




This vehicle is currently for sale with RUF AUTOMOBILE UK


OFFICE: 0044 (0) 1892 506 911
MARK: 0044 (0) 7894 501 457
RICHARD: 0044 (0) 7809 890 969

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