At RUF Automobile we are manufacturing with advanced RUF technology a twin-turbo six-cylinder boxer engine with all the attributes of a classic air-cooled engine. The twin-turbo engine of the Ultimate drew from 3.6 litres displacement no less than 590 hp at 6800 rpm and 720 Nm of torque. As a device to keep the weight under 1200 kg we used a Complete Carbon-Fibre body which not only brought the weight down but increased the rigidity of the chassis and was complemented with our traditional Intergrated Roll Cage (IRC). 
























The Carbon Kevlar prepregs are cured in an autoclave at high pressure (six bars) and high temperatures (120 °C) under controlled cure-cycles. The result of such a process is an extremely light and strong structure. This is an aeronautical process where all cycles are well controlled and recorded producing, as a result, constant quality of the components. The lightweight carbon-fibre body means the centre of gravity is lowered and therefore increased the potential cornering speeds of the Ultimate. The model was fitted with rear-wheel-drive and a traditional H-pattern transmission to complete the classic sports car feeling.


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