SCR 4.2

The RUF SCR 4.2 aimed to show what could be achieved when the focus is creating a sports car that will continuously enthuse its owner now and in the future. First released in 1978 as the SCR 3.2, the SCR 4.2 represented the pinnacle of a long running tradition of our sports cars.

The exterior design with its distinctive iconic look emphasised the beauty of a classic sports car together with the typical understatement that characterises RUF own sports cars.
























The technical sophistication of the SCR 4.2 blended harmoniously with the powerful, familiar-looking body which was enhanced with a generous selection of carbon-fibre features. The rear-wheel-drive and the improved weight distribution provided superb agility on narrow, winding roads and improved overall stability. The SCR 4.2 also featured a newly-engineered multi-link rear axle, assisting the 525 hp razor-sharp power unit.


The SCR 4.2's interior helped to enhance the light-weight feeling of the car, enabling the driver to focus and enjoy the RUF driving experience.

Traditionally, RUF’s designs decisions are based on the principle of form following function, a feature that could be seen in the minimalist front dam area enabling to reduce drag.


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