The R56.11 is the end-result of when Alois Ruf decided to build his own personal dream car. Car enthusiasts identify it as a Carrera 2 but under the hood it is totally different. It can not only keep up with the early 911 S, it even can out-run it both in a straight line and on twisty roads.


The intimate character of the classic Porsche 356 and the superb handling abilities of the 911 are blended in this special RUF sportscar. The suspension, brakes and steering are derived from the 911 while the drivetrain is an amalgam of both models.























The 5-speed gearbox of the first generation 911 with its sporty 'knife-through-butter' shift pattern - the dog-leg first gear at lower left – serves to enhance the driving experience.

The flat-4 air-cooled motor harks back to the 356 and 911 and is configured with two overhead camshafts, while pistons, cylinders and cylinder heads are derived from the air-cooled 911 programme.


In summary, it is a 911 engine that is bereft of its two central cylinders. The intake sound of the pair of twin down-draft carburetors, the soaring revs, the extraordinary power available from such a light vehicle, the precise steering, unwavering disc brakes and the vibe and ambience of the classic 356 make this fabulous trip down memory lane an altogether unique experience.


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