Porsche and RUF Sports Cars Book by Marc Bongers

'Porsche and RUF Sports Cars' Book by Marc Bongers

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An excellent, comprehensive 336-page, English-language reference book written by Marc Bongers detailing all Porsche cars since 1948 and RUF models since 1977 up to 2005. Full product details below.


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    Each model is explained in detail with information concerning Data for Engine, Transmission, Body, Chassis, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels, Electrical System, Dimensions and Weight, Fuel Consumption, Performance Figures, Production Numbers and Original Retail Prices.


    An absolute must for any Porsche and RUF 'modern classic' fan as an historical reference for these highly desirable Sports Cars and limited to just 2000 individually numbered copies.


    Book dimensions: 245 x 180 x 26mm