Porsche 911 Front Fuse Panel 1974 - 1989

SKU: 85363030

The Classic Retrofit 911-FPR upgrade front fuse panel fits all 1974 - 1989 'impact bumper' Porsche 911's


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    The Classic Retrofit 911-FPR front fuse panel fits all 'impact bumper' 911s 1974 - 1989.  It requires no serious modifications to the original wiring loom or metalwork and is 'plug and play'. The original Porsche fuse panel cover is used for an entirely standard appearance. Includes the following:


    • 21 way Fuse panel.
    • LED Fuse failure indicators
    • Integrated headlamp relays
    • Mounting kit (gasket and standoffs)
    • Pack of fuses (6 x 25, 6 x 15A, 6 x 7.5A, 6 x 5A)


    Download Fuse Panel Installation Guide