Classic Retrofit Products

Classic Retrofit designs and manufactures direct-replacement modern electronic upgrades for Porsche 911 classic cars. The product range currently includes upgrade alternators, CDI ignition units featuring cutting-edge modern microprocessor technology guaranteed to produce more torque and total reliability plus plug-and-play blade fuse panels with improved power handling and blown fuse LED technology. Click on any image for further information. Prices include VAT and shipping to a UK postal address.

Blade Fuse Panels

Classic Retrofit panels are a direct replacement for the existing fuse system on your classic 911

Upgrade Alternators

Classic Retrofit's high output alternator developed in conjunction with WOS Performance is the ONLY alternator available for the 911 that can deliver a continuous current in excess of 100A.  The alternator can deliver 75A at idle. The design uses all new 6 phase internals inside a billet alloy casing that bolts into the 911 fan housing. It is a direct fit to early cars and requires spacers to fit mid and later years. Other 'rewound' alternators claim high output but cannot reject the heat generated by the windings for a sustained period.  

CDI+ Ignition Units

Classic Retrofit CDI+ ignition units are the best available and are a completely new design.  The electronics can be built into the original CDI case or supplied with our own cast replica case.

Unique double-spark at all RPM gives improved power, outperforming other claimed multiple spark systems. Inbuilt voltage regulation to deliver maximum spark, all of the time, on-board microprocessor for precise timing and fully map-able for custom ignition advance curves. Thoroughly tested and meets the EMC requirements for CE marking. Classic Retrofit units are CE approved, unlike ALL competitor devices.

The Classic Retrofit CDI+ is the most effective upgrade to a 911 ignition system that money can buy.