1995 RUF 993 BTR 3.6

This 1995 Porsche 911 993 RUF BTR conversion was built in Pfaffenhausen in the year 2000 with 57,000 kilometres on the clock. Full RUF documentation comes with this vehicle. There is a three inches thick binder full of receipts and documented history of the car showing that over $65k was spent on creating this beautiful piece of machinery.

The RUF conversion begins with a RUF BTR single-turbo engine upgrade for the 911 3.6 litre, air-cooled flat-six. This includes: RUF intercooler, RUF camshafts, RUF-built transmission, a free-flowing RUF exhaust system, higher-efficiency fuel injectors, a new engine wiring harness, RUF brakes and a RUF/Bosch Motronic Engine Control System. There are 146798 kms currently showing on the odometer.

A Turbo S rear tail has also been added to house the intercooler. Mahle pistons reduce the 3.6 litre's compression from 11:3:1 to 8:4:1 to help handle the single KKK Turbo’s 11.6 psi of boost. Addition RUF upgrades include RUF gauges, RUF shift knob, RUF pedal set, RUF floor mats, RUF steering wheel, RUF door sills, and ultra rare RUF modular forged wheels.


The interior has been outfitted with gorgeous A08 Recaro Seats and all electronics inside function as they should. The car has ice cold air conditioning plus an upgraded aftermarket radio system.

This RUF BTR features 420 HP & 420 lbs/ft torque to provide a blistering 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds and an overall top speed of 185 mph! Acceleration is better than a 993 Turbo and the driving experience is closer to that of a GT2 because of the lighter weight and rear wheel drive. If you are looking to own a rare air-cooled gem such as this 993 RUF BTR, look no further!

Price On Request

Please note that this car is currently registered and located in the United States.

For further details of this desirable RUF 993 BTR conversion please email us at info@rufautomobile.co.uk or telephone 01892 506911.